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Breas Medical is a global company headquartered in Sweden, with over 30 years of expertise in ventilation, airway clearance and sleep solutions. We are passionate experts dedicated to respiratory care, with unwavering focus on the patient and the caregiver, delivering high quality and reliable products. We respond to your changing needs with agility, and while growing globally, we take customer care personally. Our solutions cover a broad range of devices, consumables, service solutions, educational & training programs and comprehensive connectivity capabilities to improve the quality of life of patients, from hospital to home care.  The General Legal Counsel of Breas Medical is responsible for the legal affairs of the entire corporation.

Key responsibilities: 

Assisting and providing legal counsel to the management team in establishing and maintaining a corporate governance that reflects Breas’s vision, purpose, and values.

Advising the Chief Executive Officer and other executive/senior management on legal, regulatory, and compliance matters.

Developing and leading corporate legal strategies to promote and protect Breas.

Leading, developing, and managing delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies, and priorities, including services relating to corporate, contract, regulatory, compliance, intellectual property, taxation, license and permit, labor, and dispute resolution matters in the countries or regions that Breas has business or plans to conduct business.

Assessing and identifying risks, recommending and implementing mitigation strategies.

Managing outside counsel and developing legal strategies to safeguard Breas’s interests and enhance Breas’s values, including developing strategies for and supervising litigation and regulatory proceedings.

Negotiating transactions on behalf Breas.

Maintaining proper corporate interactions with the relevant local, state, and federal governmental bodies, legislatures, and the community at large.

Key Requirements:

At least 10 years’ work experience in legal services (with a blend of private and in-house practice desirable)

JD degree required from an accredited law school 

Hands on experiences and proven track record in one or more legal specialties, including corporate law, contract law, intellectual property law, and litigation or other dispute resolution

A good understanding of the legal practices that relate to corporate governance and business operation

An understanding of the medical device business and/or technology is a plus

Excellent communication skills, able to clearly communicate complex legal matters in an easy to understand manner across multiple levels (including the shareholder, the Board, and the executives), functions, and regions; and able to deliver message effectively verbally and in writing


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